Tronxy x3s leveling

Hello. Im new to 3d printing. I recently bought a brand new Tronxy x3s printer. Im having trouble getting it up and running. I need help leveling it and the print head on the horizontal axis keeps wanting to the left.

Hi Kevin, thanks for reaching out and welcome to the forum - glad you found us. We’ll try our best to help you out with this. I’m not too familiar with that particular printer here - so I’m going to bring in @Matthew to hopefully help out. Was the printer bought brand new?

The printer was bought brand new in the box unassembled from Facebook marketplace. Apparently its a clone of a creality CR10.

Hi there,

Would you mind clarifying what you mean when you say the print head is wanting to the left?


It does it when i try to get it to home.

Yes it is normal for it to park the toolhead to the side of the side of the build plate, this is a safety feature so that it will not ruin the build surface and any extra filament will fall off to the side.

Ok. But as you can see, the print head is wedged against the of the build plate, also in 2nd pic, you can see that the horizontal axis is lower on the right side. And i can’t get the jackscrews to turn and raise the horizontal axis.