Tronxy X5SA Pro - 3D Printer - Unbox & Setup

A great setup video on a KIT Printer

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Great video! Thank you for posting!

Looks very similar to an Ender 5 Plus-type printer.

Have you heard any feedback or comparisons of the two models?

This is a kit and not for beginners. Needs a full assembly and works well once you change firmware. Its don’t well for people as its CoreXY printer in budget price. I have one on order i will put my review on youtube.

Yeah agreed, the build was pretty complex and working on upgrades is kind of a nightmare since you have to do so much from scratch haha.

I think the biggest difference between the X5SA Pro and X5SA is the linear rail system. The X5SA uses standard T/VSlot on rollers while the Pro uses a custom linear system (Not linear rails).