Troodon 2.0 PA looking marks


I have recently put together a new troodon 2.0, and when i run a test print i am getting weird PA looking artifacts. I have tried a couple of valuse in my start gcode lines but nothing seems to help. Does any one out there who built a troodon 2.0 have any suggestions or tips?

Hi @Brnbar01

Looks like the marks are right at the end of a travel move.

If thats the case it may be the temp is just 5 or 10 deg too high?

Did you try a temp tower on this filament with the new printer to see if the temp range is correct?

Processing: 1000005488.heic…
Thanks Jason, i dropped by 10degrees and it looks like this. Did i drop too much? Im using overture PETG at 235 currently. I have found that cura works best with this printer, there is a nice temp tower ad on if i remember correctly, just not sure how to use it.

This is the result of my last run at 235, retractions set to 2. PA at .03mm

Its like im missing something.

Oh, i might have it… its wet. I am waiting on a printdry to come from the alberta.

I was going to ask if its try, it kinda looks a bit wet and it still looks a little hot. would you consider running a temp tower on the filament just to double check the heat range on it?

Can you point me in the direction i have never print one before.

If i were you, i would tune the printer to the filament you’re trying to use before trying to do actual prints with it.
I recommend you download Orca Slicer and run the calibration tests from there, you’ll be having great-looking prints in no time!

Thanks for the suggestion but im not a fan of orcha. This is weird my other troodon came fully calibrated, i was thinking this would be the same. Im putting a stealth burner with a rapido hotend and adding clipper this weekend so im not going to get this tuned too much until all this is complete.

But hey, if thats where the towers are i will take another look. Thanks

HI @Brnbar01

Here is the temp towers I personally use. Michael (teaching tech) has done an awsome job on building this page for you to do an overall calibration or just pick something that may be off.

he is a high school teacher from AUS and is very engaging and informative.