Troodon vs Creality Cr 10 max


I am relatively new to 3d printing and was looking at the new Troodon Printers in comparison to the Creality CR 10 Max. Any thoughts, reliability, features, print quality, cost?

Any advice, input or comments would be appreciated.

Aside from the weirdness of naming your high-tech printer after a dinosaur,

the troodon looks, superficially, to be the better printer. The fact that it’s enclosed, is a core-XY design, and uses linear rails suggests at least, that it should be capable of faster print speeds and presumably better quality.

Having said that, as far as I can tell, it has no track record, unlike Creality printers.

Try to find out specifics like what brand of controller it uses, what type of hot end does it use and how easily can you find a replacement, etc. etc.

All mechanical things break. Just make sure you aren’t getting into something you can’t get parts for.

Thanks for the good advice. It is appreciated:)

Crealitys seem to need lots of mods out of the box to work well. The Vivedino is a Voron variant, 3dpc has parts for it, they also have a interesting review.

The Voron is likely one of the fastest printers around and very reliable. The Troodon looks to be a clone.

That said they are not in the same class. The list prices are 1000$ US in the difference for the similar size. Troodon is in the similar price of Dremel. It is odd to compare two printers so dissimilar in price. 1900$ USD is going to push $ 2500 CAD delivered? The creality is what $800?

If you are serious about the Troodon I’d look at comparing printers in its comparable price.

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@Jason maybe you could offer some thoughts?

We have x2 Troodon at the front of the Store.

One is a V1, originally came with bowden tube and a V5 heat sink.
It’s now has the orbiter extruder drive and a Mosquito heatsink and hotend.
It spends it’s days printing eSUN PA-CF (nylon w/ chopped Carbon fibre strands )

Other is a V2, Came to us as ordered, ready for CSA certified. Had Orbiter extruder drive. V6 Type hotend.

Keith I am not certain the OP is really interested It seems like so much more machine that the Creality and so bigger a price it feels a poor comparison.

I after reading about it am curious how much they are?

Alex, I’m not Sure what Prices will be we’re still awaiting Delivery of them. Our Slow Boat from China, has been is stuck with shipping container shortage issues. I will post to you once we get confirmed Pricing.


Thanks Keith! I am very interested the big question is do I want to build a Voron or buy Troodon…

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