Troodon XY stepper motor?

Good day, is this NEMA17 Stepper Motor 48mm 1.8 Degree 2.5A 42BYGHW811 is compatible for XY axes on my Troodon ?

Stepper motor spec’s from Vivedino Troodon are :
42 stepper motor 1.8°
X axis: 48mm
Y axis: 48mm
Z axis 34mm
Extruder: 34mm

Take note that shipping from Formbot is very expensive

Thank you in advance!


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yes that’s the same replacement part.

It will be equivalent replacement item.

Here is the direct link

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Just out of curiosity, did yours fail? Or did the stepper driver fail?

One way to double check is to swap the connectors from a working axis and trying that axis to move when attached to the bad stepper motor and driver.

Or are you adding a feature?

Hello, stepper motor failed. What happened is one of the stepper motor start to make noises (clic, clic, clic) and after a few print motor start to jammed randomly in XY axes.
I don’t know the life time of these stepper motor but I did print a lot since I bought this printer a year and half ago.
Hope that meet your curiosity !