Trouble with designing a RC boat Hull in Fusion 360

I have been using Fusion 360 and have hull designed that I like (a mono Deep V Hull) but I am having trouble determining the width height and length of the hull if there was a ratio or something like that I could use that would be great because I am decent at designing and printing but unsure about the overall hull dimensions and I don’t want to have a failed print / hull because I got the height and such wrong. Could I please get some assistance? P.s. it’s going to be electric Moter in it and such. If you need more info in order to help answer my question ask.

Current dimensions are 360 mm from end to end.
Current width is 116 mm at widest point aka the top…
Current height is 59 mm from lowest point to the deck.

found this linked from engineering edge. Maybe helps?

Thanks. Do you like my hull design?

Oh. Not really a boat guy but there are a lot of shipwrights here I’ve spoken to lately heh, I’m sort of fascinated with a local business that rebuilds the wooden fishing boats… Looking at it i wonder if the strakes should be like that or flat on the bottom. Aren’t they supposed to lift the hull as it travels?

Nope they help with planning and keeping it going straight

I have designed a couple of boats and built 100s of them, mostly kayaks, but a few sailboats and row boats. I worked for Volkskayak for years, now sadly gone.

Power boats, not at all.

The hull looks like a cathedral hull but not quite. The real issue of what you are attempting is you need to look at the displacement and weight to calculate the waterline. What is in and out of the water. If your waterline is below the chine points she will be very tippy. Below should be fine. At speed I do not have experience to predict how much drag will be produced.

If this for a model or a full size hull?

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I like it, that would be quick and controllable, Low speed may not “feel” quite as comfortable

Thanks and it is going to be a rc model boat so 14 inches long. So small.

that would rip quite well. I am not a boat guy but grew up on the east coast so its kind of in my blood.

In the water good, riding on top of it not so good, anyone that has ridden the high speed catamaran from Port-aux-Basque can attest. I rode it once back in around 2000, there was a reason why they called it the vomit comet. )

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speed/comfort/cheap. pick one lol


It’s a model 14 ish inches long.

I for many years raced on schooners. I build a proa, fast not comfortable and she refused to suffer any errors.

At a model I am guessing RC motor? If it were me she looks good so far I’d just construct a fast hull add weight equil to the RC stuff (if that is what the plan is) and just see how she sits. Maybe a tug along (pools are great for such things) and see how it performs. You can add freeboard if she is low or and beam if she needs the front end needs to sit slightly high or she will not plane. There is no need for complex maths, at a small size. just build and adjust. Trust your eye.


Hello KOOL,
My intention is to attach a Microsoft Excel spread sheet with the formula for boat dimensions. The info is for a sailboat but the general
proportions are valid.
Hope I can do the attachment,
Looks like it has to be a video file. I will create that and send it later,
You will not be forgotten but now I have ran out of time.

Sorry about the delay. Attached is a png file of spread sheet with calculations.

Attached are descriptions of the abbreviations in the formulas I sent you.

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