Troubleshooting print not sticking

Hey all, I’m printing with a value PLA from and I’m having a problem with my prints lifting after a few layers. I’m not sure what the cause is, but I always clean my plate with windex between prints, and I follow the heating guidelines (50-60 for bed, 195-215 for nozzle, currently printing at 50/200).

I havent had problems with lifting with a gray filament from 3DP so I’m confused.

What should I be looking at?

Drafts are often the cause. Try to keep the printer away from windows or doors.

One thing I have found helpful is the “draft shield” feature in Cura. It’s a normally hidden, experimental setting, so you’ll have to specifically enable it (Preferences->Configure Cura->Settings then search for “draft”).

I have never been succesful in using bare glass or even some of the ultrabase style coatings on some beds.

I use 5-10g of ABS filament dissoved in a small spray bottle of acetone. Apply to a heated bed. I can start a print and walk away never having to worry about the print lifting.

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I’ll give that a shot. I’m not near any open windows or drafts, so I’m not sure the problem. Also since this started only with a different filament, it’s fine on my other one.

What is the bed surface? Glass, pei, powder coat, ??

Sometimes if the bed isn’t level moving the position on the bed can help. A little glue stick might also be useful.

It’s glass, I’ll test out with the gluestick after if the first method doesn’t work, and I’ll double check the level again.

I just starting using the draft shield and that seems to be the key! Thank you for telling me about this!

Indeed. I find using a distance of about 5mm from the model and a max height of 20cm does the trick for me.