Trying to figure out bed leveling

I recently purchased a used Creality CR10V2. I added a CR Touch and upgraded the firmware. Now I am “trying” to level the bed. And for some reason I am just not getting it. I think I have it leveled, and then the print head/nozzle comes down to far. I spent the weekend working on this and got no where, other than pulling my hair out, and I am bald to begin with. So, what I have done now is went in and reset the defaults, I then with the use of a small “level” leveled the bed that way. If anyone has/knows of a good video/or step by step please forward it to me. I am a complete newbie at this. Seeing what some of you print with these is amazing to me. Thanks for any and all help.

I had similar issues when I first started just a month ago. I found out that first the surface you set your printer on should be as level as possible as the printer limits for levelling itself is a mere 2mm. Once I levelled my desk it made it much easier to do levelling on my bed.

I always do about 3 or 4 manual bed levelling before I start a print and when the print starts I monitor it for the first few minutes and make adjustments to the bed level and the Z height on the fly if required. I find a 3 or 4 row skirt gives you enough time to get this completed (depending on the size of the print).

Also get a good bed levelling test print to see how it lays down. Here is one - just remember to scale it to close to the maximum of your bed. Here is one I like to use. Bed level test 200*200mm by k3rbot - Thingiverse

Youtube can be your best friend.

Hopefully that helps.

Happy printing.

Hi Brun5150! I suspect the issue you’re having isn’t about bed leveling at all but instead is incorrect Z height. Your bed can be 100% perpendicular to the x gantry and still drive your nozzle into the bed if your printer thinks the nozzle is higher up than it actually is.

Watch the video Blenky posted from Teaching Tech… he goes over both bed leveling and z offset. You should be good to go after that.