Trying to print with BLUE PETG

Hi there, I am using Blue Petg and I am wondering if I need to change my settings? I have printed with white petg and had no problems and now trying to print with the blue petg I have had nothing but problems.

My nozzle temp is 240 and my bed temp is 85
Using Ender3 v2 printer.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Is your printer a stock hotend? If so, it could now be jammed up.

Is there a fix for that? I ask because I did some printing a week ago which was my first attempt at using PC (I assume that’s meant to be PolyCarbonate?) and as @mbura is reporting, it worked before, but as you suggested, my stock hotend started jamming up with subsequent PC prints. I have a feeling @mbura and I hare having the same problems with different materials.

I personal found that printing with PETG in a bowden tube setup my retraction was a problem. Changed to Capricorn PTFE bowden tube as it is a smaller diameter tubing, greater heat resistance, along with lowering my retraction setting a bit helped. That upgrade will also help with jamming if the tube is cut straight.

BTW @mbura is the blue PETG the same brand as your white PETG? Have heard of that also being finicky.

Try turning off your part cooling in the slicer or very low 15 - 20% for the whole print.

Yes the blue and white petg are the same brand. I also replaced my stock Bowden tube with the Capricorn. I am going to take it apart and see if I have a clog later today and maybe even put a fresh nozzle on it.

Thanks for the advice.