Tungsten nozzles?

So im still trying to get my E3D Nozzle X to work correctly. But as my adventures continues i heard about Tungsten nozzles. I cant seem to find much info on them and wonder if anyone here has tried one?

I dont fully understand the thermal properties but read that its comparable to brass, yet has the wear resistance of the tool steel hardened nozzles. If thats true then im a bit suprised they havent made more of a splash as drop in replacements.

The x nozzle is listed as a special alloy of tool steel. Some have said its a vanadium tool steel. Its unlikely a custom blend and it doesn’t seem to be the same as regular tool steel (I have an E3d hardened steel nozzle it feels different I cant exactly explain it.)

When I first got a hardened steel nozzle I bumped the temp up. Then I got stringing and decided its heavier so lets just keep the temp the same as I used to use but a longer time to come to temp and allow the heat to stabilize in the nozzle. This worked and I applied this to the x nozzle. Lately I tried just using plain default settings no pre heat and had no issues with that.

I did put a dab of heat paste on the nozzle threads (very carefully) past that nothing special. My heat block is a brass block. I just remembered. Not aluminum.

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