UBL implimentation troubles

So it feels like ive bitten off more than i can chew at one time. A few months ago I attempted th switch from a mks robin lite to a btt skr 1.4 t with tmc2209 drivers. Cool, so now I can try out sensorless homing. I also wanted to implement a bl touch and use UBL.

My issue is I cant seem to ge the nozzle to not drag along the print bed. I can create a mesh, no problem, tramm the corners, save to eeprom, ABL activated, z offset I originally put to -1.20. everything looks good untill I ask the printer to print. It just drops the nozzle into the printbed and draggs it.

I’m sure it’s not a difficult thing to get working, but so far its escaping me. If anyone has suggestions i’m open to try about anything. I know i can always revert back to endstops and get that working, but kinda defeats the benifit of the bl touch which would allow me to easily swap between glass and steel sheets.

try tuning “z probe offset” while it starts to print