Ubuntu Server for Octoprint remote access

Just curious if anyone has set up linux Ubuntu (or other linux OS) on a PC or laptop to run octoprint and access it from another PC running windows. This would be very similar to running on a Raspberry Pi but I have a spare laptop so thought I would try this setup. I have the following up and running.

I used a github package from paukstelis called octoprint_deploy (it allows for an easy setup of multiple printers).

  • Installed Ubuntu on a laptop

  • setup a virtual server on unbuntu

  • installed octoprint on server with octoprint_deploy

  • I can run octoprint on the local host but unable to connect to my printer (will worry about that later)

  • I can run Putty from my Windows PC and connect to the Ubuntu server and run ubuntu from Putty.

  • I am unable to connect to the Ubuntu server from my windows PC browser . I enter the correct private IP but it cannot find the server with or without a firewall running.

I am at a loss as to how to connect remotely. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

TIA Blenky