Unable to Print GCODE Files Sliced Using Cura v5x

I’ve been using Cura v5 for quite some time slicing STL’s for my e3v2 using the Ender-3/Ender-3Pro/Ender-3-3S printer profile with absolutely no issues.

I added 2 new printer profiles to Cura - Creality CR-10S Pro and Creality CR-10 with the recent addition of my CR-10s Pro v2.

My CR-10 will no print any of the files sliced using both the Creality CR-10 printer profiles how ever it does print files sliced using the Ender-3 profile.

My CR-10s Pro v2 is running firmware 2.0.7 DW 7.2 TM3DSS

I was able to confirm gcodes created using SuperSlicer will print.

Any ideas what might be causing this problem and how to fix? Thanks in advance!!

just an interesting Issue I have come across on the same firmware version.

Try to rename the file to print.gco

Follow old 8.3 naming convention, gco filename 8 or less, Extenstion 3 or less. Dont change the file just rename it and see if it prints, If not I think its in the G29 command but we will try that next.

You hit the nail on the head! Problem caused by a long file name. Once I shortened the problem file to 8.3 ….printed fine.

Thank you!

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its been an ongoing issue with some versions of the firmware, Glad you got a solution to it.

Jason, will updating the firmware help solve the CR-10s issue addressing long file names?

HI @Byee Unfortunately not, I am currently working on one now in house, I have tried Creality and another manufactures firmware (don’t want to mention who cause I actually like their firmware)

I have tried multiple versions of firmware on my ender 5 pluses and my CR10Maxes (which is very similar in firmware) and it too suffers from the 8.3 issues. On the firmware on my maxes, it keeps saying “in the pause” if I use a filename too long but it solves another issue I was having on it. Lesser of 2 evils. The only common issue I can find across all these machines is the screen.

I ran the TH3D conversion of a RepRap screen instead of the touch screen and it worked really well on the 5plus, Was really impressed with it but that is the printer I am attempting to write from scratch the LCD firmware but not have much luck with it. I have the base firmware working with auto tramming but can only use it with full functionality from pronterface. Unfortunately cannot find anyone that can help me with the screen portion of the firmware. I’ve put the project on the back burner till the new year therefore back to using available firmware that gives me most of the functionality I am looking for.


Have you tested the marlin firmware?