Unable to start prints via wifi (SD CARD DOES NOT WORK SO NOT AN OPTION)

Hey guys
So my CR-10 Smart Doesn’t seem to be wanting to start a print. I haven’t had this issue before.

It just shows this and doesn’t start. The printer screen shows the normalstuff but it just doesn’t seem to be moving or extruding. Just staying there. I’ll try to slice it with prusa but idk if thats the issue

Is it possible it’s the GCODE size?

Also it doesn’t heat up through the gcode and it seems to be saying that another print which I finished a few days ago isn’t finished and should be continued.

sounds like a buffer didn’t clear after your last print. Are you using the app on your phone or a PC - I actually don’t use the wifi capability of my CR10 Smart Pro after I looked more closely at the ToS for that tool and the sheer amount of nagging it was doing when I first tried it out, so I ditched it entirely, and use the SD card for now - I plan to rig up an R-pi or a small linux box to run it eventually via USB. I doubt it’s the file size - I’ve run some that are over 100,000 Kb on mine.

If it’s the app on your phone, try force stopping the app, then clearing the cache. Not sure where those equivalents are for a PC version, but I’d suspect if a Windows box, in c:\program data.… which is generally a hidden folder, or in the c:\users<username>\appdata.… folder

I’m admittedly just guessing wildly here so please use a large grain of salt if you try looking for this stuff, but these are where I’d expect things to land.

Alright, I’ve switched over from the web portal to either SD card printing or hooking up my laptop to the printer to get timelapses using octoprint. My next step is to get a pi hooked up and run klipper with input shaper on it. Wish me lock!