Under extrusion

it was new nozzle time on the print head I out and like I’ve done 20 times at least I put new tube in because this head has a PTFE heartbreak and put a new nozzle in, did an e-staps calibration, and started a print. I had to leave after the purge line and it looked ok but later when I came back I found this completed print. Anytime I’ve had this issue the print failed but it came out perfect heh! except for the obvious. I’ve never had one like his that completed so it intrigues me. it’s very crumbly and started to fall apart just getting it off the bed. I’ll have to dive in tomorrow and see what happened. I suspect an e-steps mishap or maybe something weird with the nozzle. it came from an unknown source

That looks bad right from the first layer.

Is the filament running smoothly?

Can you heat the hot end up and disable the steppers and push filament through by hand?

Even if you didn’t calibrate the extruder I would expect better.

My mind jumps to somthing jamming the filament movement.

Loose parts in the extruder? gear slipping?

Did someone say a Loosenut?

Yeah it’s a jam, I haven’t taken it apart yet to see, getting the other printer onto a 1.2mm nozzle at the moment and getting that tuned

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