Uneven printing Ender 5 Plus

Hi everyone, I’m having an ongoing issue with my prints. when i print something large i get one side uneven and poor surface.

Printing on Ender 5Plus, with PETG 240degrees. enclosure with flap closed mostly. otherwise closed room with no open windows/ drafts…

I am getting a really rough surface any thoughts??

Can see orientation of print bed and extruder:

Of note same thing happens if i print front to back instead of side to side…

Does it happen on the same front-facing side if you switch the orientation of the print or does the failure turn 90 Deg as well? Just want to clarify.

I believe it may be inadequate cooling on the ender, Been a bit of a pain that way with Pet G.

Your layers look pretty large, what percentage of fan do you use?

It happens on the front when i print front to back as well. Also had the same issue with PLA. The fan layers are .2mm and the fan is set for 40%

This is what the left side looks like…this is the right…completely different.


sorry one didn’t upload…

ok, thanks for the additional info.

If the face it occurs on does not change based on the orientation of the model on the build plate the problem is one of 2 things, Environmental or hardware. You have eliminated bad slices or not enough support for example by reorienting the model.

so let’s delve a little deeper into Environmental I believe you have touched on already but I will list it as a matter of troubleshooting and anyone else reading the thread. Usually environmental will include anything in the room but not directly on the printer, Heater ducts Windows, AC units, Open closing doors, High traffic area that people walk in front of the printer often, the cat may like to lie on a nice warm heated bed. Yes If you are still reading you may think I’m being ridiculous but it has actually happened.

So if there is nothing in the room right now that may be affecting it let’s look at the printer and what can be affecting this.

First off the question would be did this print in particular ever work properly? Have you tried the print with varying degrees of FAN speed? I generally print my PETG with 0% fan unless I have really small layers times as it really does not need it.

Have you tried the same Gcode file with a different filament? If you want to try PLA instead of PETG, Drop the temp and increase the fan after the print starts and see if you get any difference in quality.

If there is no difference up to this point I would look at a bad nozzle, Replace it and try, they are pretty cheap at this point and its looking like you are into a maintenance cycle at this point so lets get it out of the way. Check for broken fan ducts, Fans not spinning at the proper speed, Partial nozzle/throat clog, Bad /Loose Vwheel. Bad or loose extruder gear, Broken arm or spring on the extruder. Clogged teeth on the extruder.

Sorry I know that’s a lot to check but lets stop there for now, Just follow it in order you will find it pretty quickly I am sure.

I am getting the same issue with PLA and other files. Its only the one side of the print that is bad…the other side looks beautiful. Its a hardened steel nozzle and prints smaller flatter objects with no issues. the thing that stumps me is that its only one part of the print…I could understand it being any of those if it was the entire print but its a large object that is fine except for one side. I’ll check those, one area that was suggested was a loose belt so Ill try that too.

Hi @hawleyk

My gut reaction on it was that maybe there is a nick in the nozzle or it got rubbed on the bed. If you are seeing the same thing with multiple filaments and setups it’s in the printer for sure.