Universal Coffee Gimbal

Hey, if anyone is bored, I’ve put a design in the latest PrusaPrints contest. Downloads, likes, and makes might help sway the judges! (Thanks)



Thanks a great notion! I downloaded it! Good job!

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As soon as m y regular internet service comes back ill get this.

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Nice job - I downloaded and put in a “like” for you.

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Got it …Internet jus came back. I saw the in-use photos, I have a forklift and a pump truck lol

Nice! Do you recognize everything else in the pic?

Had to look again, there’s the office chair and a Bobcat UTV. Heh…I do have a chair but no Bobcat I use ford tractors instead there not comfortable though.

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Amazing Job!

So…it looks like I won first place! I just won a Prusa i3 MK3s+

Holy Crap!


Awesome! !!

Do you have a Prusa printer already?

Its an awesome design and well deserved! I am so glad I voted for you! I am planning to print one for myself!

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No, I didn’t!

Congrats! That’s a nice prize.

well that’s going to be exciting. Post about your experience coming from other brands

thats fantastic, great job man :slight_smile:

Great job & great design!
Agree with @Glenn it would be interesting to hear your input what a Prusa is like versus coming from other brands.

Will do, thanks all!