Update firmware? Why?

Hi everyone

So I have a CR10s Pro V2. I see people all over the place advocating updating firmware on their various printers but I can’t determine whether that’s just because they like to tinker or if there’s a really good reason to do it. Has anyone bothered updating their firmware and if so, why?

So I have an ender5 pro, my firmware came with a glitch from the factory. I’m going to have to update my firmware to get rid of a connection error message. So far it hasn’t affected my prints, but I think that maybe because I haven’t come up agiasnt those specific circumstances.

The moral of the story is, there is always an upgrade to something better. Like Linux from windows, you may not need it right now, but the option is always there

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Thanks! If there’s something that would significantly improve the machine or fix a bug or safety issue then I’m all for doing it.

In my case, on my Ender 5Pro, I updated the firmware to get rid of the connection error, but discovered later on that it wouldn’t continue a print after a power failure so I updated it again to a version that does.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it! lol


I fit into both the Tinkerer, and need a fix group. I have created my own firmware configurations for all my printers… It allows me to turn on features, and safety protocols that may or may not be turned on using the Creality software. Gives me the freedom to setup my printers any way I like… and also keep them up to date with the latest Marlin firmware. It may all seem overwhelming when you first get started… But after a while, there is almost nothing you will not be able to adjust yourself.


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So. I just installed the firmware update from the creality website… I dont know what language this is but I only speak English and bad English.

It’s russian for “Card you miser”

I fixed it haha. Now to find the right file for the bltouch install now that the tmc error is gone