Upgrading my Cr 10s pro V2

I have a Cr 10s Pro V2 and was wondering if it would be worth it to upgrade to linear rails. I already have a micro Swiss on it and a carbon fibre build plate.

I don’t own a CR10. I did upgrade my Prusa to liner rails. It was not worth the effort. The gain… is easily debatable and I will remove them the next time there is an update to the design.

I would not bother.

I haven’t owned a prusa but from what I can tell they are very complete machines.

The Cr 10s is great but there is more room for improvement than the MK3

I’ve got to get it running again but I think I will end up going with a linear rail at least on the x-axis

I can’t speak to Creality. The Prusa the rails didn’t end the faint ghosting it just changed the nature of it. buy good rails. I bought cheapo ones that had rust on them, I ended up buying better quality ones.

Good to know thanks for the advice