Upgrading my CR10 V3

Here’s a couple of upgrades that I did to my CR10V3.

Here’s a link to the files here:

Fix for the filament run out sensor: CR10 Filament Runnout Sensor by YarkspiriFantasyArt - Thingiverse
Cable Support: CR10 V3 Cable Supports by YarkspiriFantasyArt - Thingiverse

I’ve added the video tutorial links to make it easier to put together.


I have a CR-10 V3 coming. I think I will for sure print these pieces. It hasn’t even shipped yet and I’m thinking I want BL touch also. Hoping to melt some Carbon PLA and make more parts at once on the bigger bed.

It’s a very good machine. I like it because it’s been very reliable so far. I will be posting new modification as I make them, so you’ll want to keep an eye out. Likewise, I’ll try to post the links here as well.

I have the CR10 V3… Love it. I will be printing these wire guides next. I went with the CR10 V3 because it already had most of the upgrades I would have bought if I got some other printer.

I find leveling the CR10 so easy… I won’t be getting a BL Touch.

I do recommend having a 2nd glass bed tho. I rather keep the printer printing instead of waiting for the glass to dry after cleaning.

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I agree with the extra glass bed and the BLTouch. The BLTouch is really only useful if you change material often. I’m doing another upgrade video that should be handy if you want to upgrade you’re hotend so keep an eye out for that one when it’s released.


All metal Hot End Upgrade has been uploaded. Just make sure the watch the video first, since it has some pretty important tips for doing the installation. Here’s the link on my Website that has the transcript along with the one to my YouTube channel.

Website Link: https://yarkspirifantasyart.com/cr10-v3-all-metal-upgrade-cr-touch/
YouTube Link: https://youtu.be/t5IcmfA0XmM

Hope this helps you guys out.