Upgrading Xinkebot

I have one of these machines and would like to upgrade it if possible.
Has anyone attempted this? Mainboard and screen seem easyish but firmware is proprietary and I get no help from the manufacturer.
The daunting task is to redo the bed levelling, no way to move bed up/down, no leveling screws on the corners of the bed.
Facebook is not an option as I will not use that media platform.
Any help is appreciated.

I have no experience with that particular printer but just want to throw it out there that a 3d printer is basically just a bunch of steppers, some thermistors, and heater cartridges. None of those parts are really proprietary.
With that said you should be able to configure Marlin or Klipper with the dimensions and heater settings specific to your printer and compile your own firmware and flash that to an open source replacement board
I don’t know what type of ABL probe it is using so that might need more research.

This is not a plug and play solution but might offer a lot more flexibility in the end since you mentioned changing the main board and display anyway.
It might be beyond your comfort level or too much time commitment learning and experimenting but I thought I’d throw it out there as a different way to think about the problem.

Blair, thanks for the reply.
the only problem I have is the ABL probe. all the rest is within my grasp.
Is there any other machine out there that has a non height adjustable bed?
The original probe sort of acts like a bl touch but just barely.

My Creality Cr-20 pro has a non adjustable bed and a bltouch

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Thanks, was reading your reply/comments on upgrading to a dual z axis.
The Xinkebot is already dual z.
So it seems the firmware is there to make an upgrade.
Thanks again for a swift, cohesive and insightful reply.

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HI @HobbyMaker3D

I would agree with Blair, All 3d printers are basically just a collection of basic parts, its making them work together is the trick. Nothing is impossible, if you want to change out the board and screen then you can do whatever you want to. There will be many hours of frustration trying to figure out “why is it doing that?”

there are a few of us on here that are used to building and rebuilding firmware and we will do what we can to get you going. Best is to find a machine with firmware that is “close” to what you are looking for and just modify it to make it work for your particular printer. Its much easier to modify a firmware that is close and finalize what you are looking for then building from scratch in my opinion.


Thanks Jason.
I have done a bit of that with my Tevo Tarantula and I have some guys at work who know a bit more than I do, so I should be good.

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