Use in shed against fumes?

Hi there, i wanna buy my son a resin printer. He already has a PLA printer. Problem is that we live small-housed and I don’t want the risk of the fumes in the house.
Question: do you think it’s possible to use it in a shed with electricity? I read somewhere that the area can’t be too damp, we dont have heating there so it will get a bit damp i would imagine.
Question 2: i am eyeing the Elegoo Mars 3 Pro and see that its with USB connection. Does that mean he could download his design to a USB stick and then have it printed?

Using a resin printer in a non heated/cooled space would not be advisable. The resin needs a min temperature to stay liquid enough to print from. Extremes in either direction will affect the print quality heavily. Damp also includes humidity.
From the web site for the printer, the USB is used to print files from.
I hope this helps.

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Maybe someone can answer this. Can you put a resin printer in a housing of some kind with a charcoal/hepa filter to clean the fumes out.

There are a multitude of You Tube videos that cover these. The main problem is maintaining the ambient temperature within printer to keep resin liquid enough for printing process.

Thanks, definitely helpful… Not an option in wet and cold Netherlands then… We do have a filter in the house over an actual hole in the outer wall, maybe we could a housing over the 3D printer and led the fumes out through a pipe?

Yeah wondering this too!! In the house you mean, right?