Using 0.2mm nozzle with an I3 (Cocoon Create)

Are there any tricks to using a 0.2mm nozzle with the i3 (AKA Cocoon Create as is mine) and is it compatible with smaller nozzles (currently using 0.4mm)? Are there any settings on the printer itself that need tweaking or is it all in the Cura slicing setup? My Cocoon create is second hand and came with a pack of Leoway nozzes and I have no idea what sort of quality they are. New to 3D printing and trying to print small gears (see this thread Printing small gears).

I took a peek online and it seems that your printer is using MK10 style nozzles. So anything that you find that is a MK10 style nozzle will work with your printer.

MK10’s are getting harder to find as the MK8’s have replaced them, but we still have a pretty decent selection which you can find here. Just make sure when you put the new nozzle in you change your slicer settings to reflect the change.

Hopefully this helps,