UV LEDs for Curing

Just wondering what you are using for curing and where you got them from.

I keep wanting to get some UV LED strips and making a new curing chamber, but reviews seem so inconsistent with them curing or not on what options we have on amazon Canada. Just trying to see if anyone has ones that they’ve used and recommend.

Have a couple of friends that use the small flood light style lamp from Amazon.
They say it works well.
I use the Elegoo wash & cure station. Works great for small to medium prints.

Yeah, I built a ghetto one using a UV nail curing light and a box lined with tinfoil which was fine for prints from my photon. I need up to 25x25x40cm for curing prints from the phenom though so I need to scale up.

I ordered a set of LEDS on amazon that a couple of the comments said worked for curing their prints so I guess I’ll test and see. :slight_smile:

Please remember UVB and UVC are not good for you to be exposed to in high amounts. UV lights need too be shielded.

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I bought this from amazon and am in the process of making a box for it. I use it propped on a book for now, the rotating stand runs on the same light frequency as the light too.

Hopefully Peopoly will hurry up and get their curing box done and on the market.

I use this Elegoo Mercury curing machine I got off of Amazon (although it’s not available at the moment). https://www.amazon.ca/ELEGOO-Mercury-Machine-Turntable-Printed/dp/B087PFD27C
It’s decent, I like how the mirrored walls reflect more light to cut down on curing time. The turntable part is pretty cheaply made, but it gets the job done for small prints.

3DPC sells the Creality UW-01 curing machine: Creality UW-01 Washing/Curing Machine - 3D Printing Canada

It works very well.
Stay tuned for a YouTube video on it!