V2.2.1 Silent Board Stepper Vref values

My steppers feel hot but I’m not experienced with this. I know they will heat up in use. I’ve been reading up on Vref settings. I decided to measure them and here are the values (from factory).

X 1.205
Y 1.415
Z 1.604
E0 1.408

These seem very high based on what I have read. I cannot find any information on the recommended Vref values for the E5+ with silent board V2.2.1 or any decent data sheets for the Creality stepper motors. I also have a Micro Swiss Direct Drive set up.

Any guidance is appreciated.


Hi Rascal

Yes they are High, what kind of machine are you running, (so I can look up the original stepper motor specs). I may not be able to hit it exactly but I can show you the math and get you close.


It’s an Ender 5 Plus. V2.2.1 silent board. Original steppers. Micro Swiss DD. Micro Swiss all metal hot end. More than you needed I know.

Many thanks.


ok, that board has 2208 stepper drivers in it. The math to figure out the VRef is as follows.

Creality Stepper motor data sheet:
X,Y,Z motors rated current - 0.84A
Extruder rated Current - 1.0A

TMC2208 Vref forumla
Formula uses ‘root Mean Squared’ current instead of Max current
RMS current = Max current/1.41

X,Y,Z Max 0.84 = 0.596 RMS
Extruder = 1.00 = 0.709 RMS

X,Y,Z Vref = (0.596x2.5)/1.77 = 0.842V (recommend using 90% of this value - actual setting 0.76V)
Extruder VRef = (0.709x20.5)/1.77 = 1.00V (recommend using 90% of this value - actual setting 0.90V)

Above information is a snip from Teaching Tech video on setting up Stepper Drivers linked below

Hope this helps

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Thank you. I’ve read so many articles and watched so many videos I felt I was going in circles.
I’ll let you know how it goes.


perfect, glad I could help, Access to way to much tech data is sometimes a curse.

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Before you go fiddling with anything, are you actually having a problem?

Hot steppers and clunky sound from Y stepper.
Checked all the mechanicals and everything is tight with good alignment.
Running some test prints now.
So far, no more noise from the Y stepper.
Was having some ringing and other random artifacts/defects in the print.

Steppers are running much cooler and test prints so far are looking better. Still going through calibrations.

nice, glad to hear. keep us updated