V2.2.1 Silent Board Stepper Vref values

My steppers feel hot but I’m not experienced with this. I know they will heat up in use. I’ve been reading up on Vref settings. I decided to measure them and here are the values (from factory).

X 1.205
Y 1.415
Z 1.604
E0 1.408

These seem very high based on what I have read. I cannot find any information on the recommended Vref values for the E5+ with silent board V2.2.1 or any decent data sheets for the Creality stepper motors. I also have a Micro Swiss Direct Drive set up.

Any guidance is appreciated.


Hi Rascal

Yes they are High, what kind of machine are you running, (so I can look up the original stepper motor specs). I may not be able to hit it exactly but I can show you the math and get you close.


It’s an Ender 5 Plus. V2.2.1 silent board. Original steppers. Micro Swiss DD. Micro Swiss all metal hot end. More than you needed I know.

Many thanks.


ok, that board has 2208 stepper drivers in it. The math to figure out the VRef is as follows.

Creality Stepper motor data sheet:
X,Y,Z motors rated current - 0.84A
Extruder rated Current - 1.0A

TMC2208 Vref forumla
Formula uses ‘root Mean Squared’ current instead of Max current
RMS current = Max current/1.41

X,Y,Z Max 0.84 = 0.596 RMS
Extruder = 1.00 = 0.709 RMS

X,Y,Z Vref = (0.596x2.5)/1.77 = 0.842V (recommend using 90% of this value - actual setting 0.76V)
Extruder VRef = (0.709x20.5)/1.77 = 1.00V (recommend using 90% of this value - actual setting 0.90V)

Above information is a snip from Teaching Tech video on setting up Stepper Drivers linked below

Hope this helps

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Thank you. I’ve read so many articles and watched so many videos I felt I was going in circles.
I’ll let you know how it goes.


perfect, glad I could help, Access to way to much tech data is sometimes a curse.

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Before you go fiddling with anything, are you actually having a problem?

Hot steppers and clunky sound from Y stepper.
Checked all the mechanicals and everything is tight with good alignment.
Running some test prints now.
So far, no more noise from the Y stepper.
Was having some ringing and other random artifacts/defects in the print.

Steppers are running much cooler and test prints so far are looking better. Still going through calibrations.

nice, glad to hear. keep us updated


Since the video referenced here is for an Ender 3 with only one Z stepper, should the Vref be double for a dual Z? Again, I’m not finding videos or articles specifically stating this. Many comments and from my knowledge of steppers in parallel it seems the Vref should be higher. I’m getting unreliable Z performance/shifts. One of my prints seems to have jumped and started printing in mid air. I didn’t see or hear anything but noticed it when I glanced over at the progress. This may be causing my adhesion issues addressed in my other thread.



HI Rascal

If its jumping up to print in the air I would doubt if its VREF causing it. If anything the VREF being too low would cause your prints to be appeared “squished” I always set my VREF at calculated value and only if I have a specific issue I can trace to stepper drivers do I chance it.

The Dual Z configuration should be ok with the VRef for the single. I find with the leadscrews setups the motors are actually under very low load and not under the same constant action the X and Y are under.

OK. Any suggestions for why the Ender 5 Plus bed would drop a couple of mm during a print?
Mechanically, every thing is tight and solid.


Are you able to send me over the GCODE file? I can put it on one of my ender 5+ and see if the reaction is the same, Once of mine have the 221 board in it. its custom firmware though as I have removed the touch screen and replaced with the older style rotator knob

Thanks Jason,
I boosted the Vref slightly (in 0.1v steps) and both the adhesion and curl issues have been resolved. Vref is not as high as the factory settings were. I’m doing some calibrations and monitoring the stepper temperature (the reason for adjusting the Vref in the first place). I was also getting these issues with PLA and will go back to PETG once I’m satisfied with PLA. I’m in this hobby largely for the learn and some practical applications of prints as my skills improve. I’ll keep you posted and if the issue returns I’ll send some Gcode. Eventually I would like to upgrade the firmware but that’s a bigger project for later.
Curious, what are the Vrefs on your Ender 5 plus?


Hey @RascalHoudi

Thanks for letting me me me know, I did check my VREF on my 221 board, I was .846 across the board x,y,z. Been a year or so since I’ve been under the hood in this one, Not sure if the Vref was intentional or not. I was pretty sure I set it at .842 as the video suggested. Maybe heat cool cycles changed the resistance a bit and drove it to .846.

either way send over the Gcode and Ill give it a go.

OK… I’m on a 0.8mm nozzle now. When I switch back to the 0.6 I’ll send the Gcode.