V5 clone, all metal hot end question

I have two anycubic printers, Mega Pro and Mega Zero, I purchased a few all metal hot ends from 3DPC, the printer’s have variations of v5 clone hot ends.

The stock ones have a smooth body at the top, where they slide into the main body and get attached with two set screws, these are threaded. They are also slightly different between then even with the same part number.

Will these work for my machines?


what machine is this meant for, I ordered it expecting a 3piece part I could use as parts, but it’s only two components the nozzle is fixed

I can’t answer any of your questions, but I would point out that the J-Head Hotend has a 12V heater cartridge. Just be aware of it since most printers are based on 24V power supplies.

Thanks, the Mega Pro is 12v

To the best of my knowledge the hot end is a variant on a titan. This is a smooth top with threads on the bottom. If memory serves the any cubic has a flange making it unique. If this is correct you would need to replace the whole hot end and redo the mounts and likely adjust the firmware to accept the new hot end. The Jhead you have pictured is an odd one, although I don’t recognize it it is likely for one line of printers.

Your heatbreak looks something like this?

This is the Kraken one (used it the titan). If that is your heartbreak the threaded ones will not fit. If I am correct the any cubic have a flange and this will not fit. I personally I will not buy a printer again that is using something made for that particular company.

The mega zero doesn’t have a heated bed so IMO no point to having an all metal hotted if you can’t use high temp materials. If it were me I might consider a full new hot end to a real e3d they are simply mad better than the clones. It is a lot of fussy work it might not be worth your time if you are only interested in printing. If the printer is the hobby I’d do it.

I suspect that any cubic is owned by Creatily parent company why the hot end is a reality type.

We know Reality and creatwit are the same parent.
(Shaanxi Creat Wit Technology Co. , Ltd based in Shaanxi)
(Shenzhen Creality Technology Co. , Ltd based in Shenzhen)
It isn’t a big stretch to believe:
Shenzhen Anycubic Technology Co., Ltd is also
Same for Artillery, Anet, Bigtree, and likely a lot more.

This is the hotend disassembled, it was plugged so I have to pull it apart anyway.

Guess I’ll look into a V6 hot end

I personally would not use the threaded type heat break in a smooth bore Hot end. The Kraken types are there for anything like that.

we do have a couple of krakens in stock, mostly you just need to know the length of the smooth bore and the overall.

When I ordered there was no photo so I thought I was ordering the smooth / threaded style. Not sure if it’s worth reordering for the v5 or just going to a V6?

It isn’t a kraken heat break it has a flange.
Kraken type


I’d either use the original replacement or replace the whole hot end. The Kraken I don’t think will fit. I tend to use E3D originals they are superior in construction and smoothness.

Hey @kitedemon I actually did not realize that about the flange. I learned something today.

having a hard time getting the true E3D stuff in, so frustrating

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Hi Jason, I’ve just got my Ender3 back from repair at 3D Printing Canada and having an issue from the beginning. Where do I start a post and how do I fined where to go for help if there is nothing on the forum that relates to this issue?

To start a new post, go to the “hamburger menu” - yes, that’s what it’s called. 20 Years in IT and I didn’t know that before coming here. It’s the center icon at the top-right - it’s three horizontal bars. After clicking on that, select “new”. At the bottom-right of your screen you’ll see a blue circle with white “+” in it. That starts a new topic. Select a category that’s appropriate and ask away.

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HI @Mikie

Sorry for my delay in getting, back to you. I will look for the other thread and contribute there.

If it’s something related to what was done here in the shop we will take care of it not an issue.