Vacuum seal filament storage

I have a Food Saver vacuum sealer for my kitchen for normal food saving kitchen purposes but thought why not get more use out of it. Turns out the wider bulk roll Food Saver bags fit spools of filament perfectly. If you cut the bag long the first time you can get multiple re-seals out of it.
I can’t imagine I’m the first person to realise this but it saves me from making a bulky single purpose filament storage dry box.
These go on sale regularly at Canadian Tire or Amazon. The best thing is it doesn’t take up precious space in my printer area since it lives in my kitchen, and it didn’t take any convincing for my girlfriend to be on board with me ordering a “kitchen appliance”.

Thought it was a potentially helpful tip.


that’s a great idea, do you use a desiccant pack in it when you reseal it?

Yup, I always throw one in.

I think your bang on, I put mine is large zip lock bags but noticed I am going to have to start using a filament dryer as they are still getting a little moist.

I bought a large rubber maid type container that has an air tight/watertight seal around the lid. Add the bagged/desiccant spools into it. Saves on needing to dry them.

I also use zip loc bags with silica gel containers in them. I have no issues with PetG but I might bust out a vacuum sealer for the nylon.