Value filament breakage

Good day.
I started using value filament for a new project and it filament keeps snapping mid print. I’ve had 4 breaks on three printers.
Does someone have an idea of how to solve this?

Oh yes. One more thing.
I’ve been using sakata and this has never happened before.
Could it be the filament?

When i had that happen to me, i tried drying out the filament and it seemed to have reduced its brittleness.

Hi Dr.
It’s fresh out of the packaging.
I have 7 machines and it’s happening in 3 of them.

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It doesn’t matter if it is packaged or not especially ‘value’ it is often from a massive spool that is exposed and rolled off to smaller spools. It could have been exposed to air for months before it was repackaged. Try drying a roll.


Kitedeamon is right. Even fresh spools can require drying sometimes right from the package. Worse case it eliminates moisture as an issue. If you dont have a drying system you can use a conventional oven, just make sure the temp is about as low as it goes. Off hand I don’t remember the numbers that are recommended, but a quick google search should yield an idea.