Value PLA - Hello from local Hamilton!

Hello, new user here,

I recently bought a bunch of Value PLA spools from 3D Printing Canada from their recent sale. Before I dive down the hole and waste time printing temp towers, calibration cubes and whatever else to find the right settings. I was wondering if anybody have any suggestions for ideal print settings they might want to share? Best temperature settings for the nozzle and bed for this brand of PLA?

Looking forward having friendly conversation with everybody. Thanks!

For anybody curious, I have a Kickstarter Creality CR-6 SE as my first printer. Another topic for another time… X)




I have a couple of roll of the 3dpc value. It prints fine for me at quite normal settings.

210 fist layer and 200 for the rest. Bed 60 throughout. I use a direct drive do the 0.8 retraction is likely not enough. I think it is Bowden? I’d try 1.5 mm retract.

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Thanks kitedemon,

1.5 mm retract on my CR-6? Yeah the CR-6 is a Bowden-based system. I’m still fairly new at 3D printing (about 4 months of exp. so far), I’ve never changed the 6.5mm normal retraction in Cura 4.8, never thought the need for it when printing in PLA. I see the occasional stringing from corners every now and then; that’s about it.

Thanks for the Value PLA tip, that’s a good baseline to start rather than at 200 and dropping the temp with the other PLA from another brand that I generally buy.

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oh geez I forgot how long that tube is. My only bowden is tiny. No leave the stock retraction. Chances are you will need to increase it rather than decrease it. I am sorry.

Welcome to the forum @Einhager :slight_smile:

Thanks for the welcome @tony!

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I can see why the retractions are smaller with a direct-drive system vs a Bowden tube one. I have toyed with the idea of modding my CR-6 into a direct-drive but at the moment, I’m mostly printing PLA and some PETG so it’s not high priority in my print queue right now.