Value PLA white issues

I have been having an issue with the Value PLA white I purchased from 3D Printing Canada
it wont stick to my build plate and if I build a raft the supports will not stick to the raft .
the package was not sealed properly when I got it but I’m not seeing any sighs of moisture .
so fat I have cleaned my build plate and leveled and releveled.
I also ran the print with the value black and no issue so my question is is this PLA garbage of am I missing something .

You would be correct, the value PLA is garbage. I’ve had similar issues with the blue PLA not sticking to any build surface, causing issues with under extrusion and clogs. I can print the same file with a different brand and have absolutely no issues.

Funny enough I’m printing the same file with Value PLA black and no issues I’m thinking I got a dud batch of the white maybe dose 3D printing Canada have any kind of warranty on this stuff or are you just out on your own after you purchase it .

Interesting. I’ve done lots of printing in value white for my wife’s daycare with no problems. Have you tried varying the temperature? Using a glue stick? I don’t know what to suggest, but I’ve also had the occasional irritatingly fussy role but usually either dehydrating it or adjusting the print or bed temperatures ends up solving it.

I use a glass bed on my Ender 3 Pro, and have no problems at all with the value PLA. PLease note that I also dry the filament prior to use using a food dehydrator and have a dedicated (semi) model from Hamilton Beach. You need to clip the rack out of one or two layers, but it works a charm:

Before discarding filament try drying it check Youtube for times and temps. I have had the same problems with other filaments not 3D Canada though.

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Not sure of your issue but I just wanted to chime in and say I just printed some value peral white and I almost needed a hammer and chisel to get it off!

I had similar problems with the Value PLA. A black roll that would not stick well, curled and pulled off, with layers separating and a blue roll that grabbed onto the table and wouldn’t let go with great prints. Ender 3v2 with Glass and glue.

Maybe the black filament was wet???