Variable Layer Height: Bambu Studio and Cura

using the latest versions of both Cura and BamBu…; until i got the bambu lab a1 and started using Their slicer i didnt really have a grasp on variable layering;
Cura calls it ‘Use Adaptive Layers’ (under the Experimental section);
Bambu’s routine and approach enables much more visibility , control than does Cura;
Cura uses a single setting at the model object level whereas Bambu allows control at the layer level;
i was interested to see how low this routine would go on layer height;
using a starting layer height of 0.12 the minimum layer heights limited at the low end at 0.08 in the graphical display in bambu studio;
ok then i changed the overall layer height to 0.08 ( as it seems that is as low as can be printed);
the variable layer height routine did NOT go below 0.08, it did increase the heights in the non-technical portions of the model;
in my naivete i didnt realize how much the layer heights were being adjusted away from the single specification that i was putting in under Quality settings;
btw the maximum layer height adjustable in the Bambu routine was 0.28