Vector 3D Workbench. A Workbench designed specifically for 3D printers

Checkout this new workbench designed specifically for use with 3d printers. I just caught this video when surfing YouTube. It looks great.


Iā€™m a Poor Technician, Spend all my Spare $$ on more printers and Upgrades!!
I have 2x of these setup in the Basement for my Printers
Totes with Spare parts underneath, Spools on 30Degree angle with labels sticking out on top, like Cartridges 17x spools of Standard Line and Hello3D Line fit across the top


I bought one of those huge CR10 Max printers back in late September, and discovered I had nothing in the house deep enough to put it on (except maybe the floor or kitchen table). I searched around for a sturdy, not ridiculously expensive table to buy or build, and found this on

What you get are the heavy-duty plastic corner pieces with integrated legs and platform supports and a large bag of screws - you add the 2x4ā€™s and plywood or MDF shelves cut to your desired dimensions. Comes with the base table legs plus a pair of top shelf supports. The biggest hassle was getting the 2x4ā€™s and plywood home from HD in my small car.