Versions of the Raspberry Pi IR Camera

I have finally gotten around to installing OctoPrint and mounting a PI on my printer. I have tested my IR camera successfully. However, when I went to print a case for it, I’ve discovered that it’s too short for the cases I’ve downloaded.

My camera spans 71mm between the outer edges of the infra-red lights whereas the two cases I’ve tried seem to be set up for a camera that measures 82mm.

I can’t find records of where and when I bought the camera, or even if it’s an official PI camera or a clone.

I wasn’t aware there were two versions of the IR camera. There is a High-Definition camera and 5MP and 8MP versions of the standard camera, but I hadn’t been aware until now, of two versions of the IR camera.

I do note one difference, now that I’m having to research it. On most models of the IR camera, the center camera module has a small optical sensor off to the lower-left. It appears, visually, to be identical to the sensors off to the sides of the IR lights and, hence, seems redundant. My camera module does not have this sensor whereas many of the cases I’ve seen seem to be designed to include it.

Does anyone know of a Raspberry PI camera case designed for the shorter IR camera? In a worst-case scenario, I could separate the IR lights from the camera body and solder them back on with wires but I like the elegance of the design where by nuts and bolts that hold the lights to the side of the camera module also conduct the electricity to run them.

Wish i had any input for you. I wasnt even aware of a rasberry pi ir camera, but am now also interested in it too. If i come up with anything ill let ya know :slight_smile: