Video Ideas for our Youtube

Hey everyone,

We want to spice up our videos and start creating some new content and we want your input!

If you have any ideas here is the spot to do them. It could be anything like prints you want us to do to a series you think is cool!

We will be making changes to our background and adding some new production elements to increase our quality but the content is what really matters.


Do a series on multi-colour printing using whatever equipment you carry.

  • methods with one nozzle:
    – layer stacking
    – inserting a colour within an existing layer
    – N-in 1-out hot ends
    – using a Pallet-type device

  • methods with multiple nozzles:
    – multi-extruder, single hot end (can only print 1 type of material)
    – multi-extruder, multiple hot end (can print different materials at different temperatures)
    – multiple, changeable hot ends

Show off equipment you carry that could be used to expand an existing printer and how to go about it.
– make an existing printer taller, wider or longer
– considerations in putting two beds end-to-end to double the length or width of a printer while building off the existing hardware.

OK. so I can’t make more than 3 replies to the same post. I was trying to keep these topic suggestions separate, but I’ll have to add this last one here.

Cleaning videos on commonly overlooked/abused parts and what products you carry to clean, lubricate or replace them.


I’m putting this as a separate suggestion because it might come with legal considerations…

Several times, here and on Facebook, I’ve encountered people who are concerned about thermal runaway problems.

I’m not sure if you even carry thermal fuses:

They’re easy enough to glue under a bed, attach to a hot-end or mount in an enclosure to cut power if some part exceeds a target temperature. Built-in software thermal runaway protection is a great start, but it implies that the controller can turn off the power when it needs to, but if a MOSFET develops an internal short, software solutions can’t help you. I’m actually surprised printers don’t come with these pre-installed - every clothes dryer has them so it’s not like they’re uncommon.

I can see lawyers jumping up and down, saying you can’t go giving safety advice, but I’m sure some sort of disclaimer could be worked out.

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I would echo the safety videos. I don’t see any issue if you are reviewing products and discussing SDS. I would suggest safe handling of resin printers, maybe look at automatic fire suppression system (watch dog, fire blitz or similar) especially looking at the reasonably priced units. Some are under $100, I would even suggest something you could carry. Off gas hazards.

there are so many how too ones it is a deep pool to try to do better than makers muse, or Tom S. How to 3d print is so full of opinion too. there are almost no videos that speak to safety. It doesn’t have such a wide and deep range.

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I wasn’t so much suggesting the how-to videos because I felt the world needed more of them. It was because I realised 3DPC would want/need to produce videos that tie in with the products they sell (unlike Maker’s Muse, and that, rather than just making another “Here is a product we carry” type video that probably doesn’t get that much engagement, I figured a “Here’s what we have that can improve what you have” might generate more interest. That, of course, inevitably turns into a how-to video, but one that is specific to 3DPCs product lines.

How about a video on resins?
Resin safety, Mixing resins, adding sparkles or other solids to resins, necessary clean up steps for resin prints, how to dry and cure properly, proper slicing techniques vs FDM, ultrasonic cleaners vs tupperware, water washable vs non, etc…

Yes, that should resinate with some viewers :slight_smile:

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I would agree there are so many how to videos out there concentrate on what you don’t see rather than what others are doing so very well.

Id like to see the process on picking the parts to upgrade an ender printer. What i mean is taking a stock ender printer, and upgrading it, like a hotend, linear rails, control board, abl, good ways to change the build surface (how to remove the original surface and install different ones like wham bam, or the carbon fiber board). All non “official” kit parts. The idea being if i wanted to do some or all of the upgrades, you have a video thats tinestamped showing how to go from stock to all decked out.

I say not “official” kit parts mostly beacuse the linear rail upgrade kit for the ender 3 in the shop costs alone as much as an ender 3. Though you can do it with the kit and it would still cover the installation process.

Another video idea would be to do a annual (bi weekley or monthly) live stream doing a project, while taking questions. Either from the forum or from the chat.

There are lots of videos on how to tune filament, but perhaps going through the process and showing your results for a few of the filaments the store offers. There could be a comparison between the value pla, standard pla, and a few of the other brands of pla the store carries. I was asked by a friend regarding the store brand tpu settings, which comes down to individual printers and doing a filament calibration, but seeing how you guys find the sweet spot on a stock printer, and seeing the comparisons would be interesting. For bonus points, doing a comparison like what CNC Kitchen does would be really interesting.

More of a forum, but could lead to a video idea. Would be to showboat a speed benchy. Like take a few printers you guys work with, go through any upgrades done like firmware, hotend or bed plate, and see which printer does the best/fastest. That could easily be a bit of a contest sort of thing too.

Doing a comparison of wifi/remote printing options could be interesting. Like what is available in store, how to integrate them, how user friendly they are to set up/use and what problems/limitations to be aware of.

I liked @LEGOManiac and his idea of extending a build plate/space. How one may go around that from both a hardware then a software standpoint. With a focus on critical areas. My first printer is my testbed/frankenprinter, so im always looking to new ideas.

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