Vivedino Raptor 2.0 Upgrades

I have a Raptor 2 that has been working OK for over a year but now it seems to be having issues with top layer smoothness. I have to lower the speed down to 40% in order to get a decent print. Was thinking about a few upgrades and was wondering if anyone here has any experience with the following?
Stepper driver upgrade to 2209
Hemera extruder upgrade
Linear rail upgrade for the Y axis.


@rwojtow We’ve done the Hemera/Hermes upgrade a few times at the Store, customers are Pleased with it.

3 out of the 4 we’ve done have had Volcano Heat breaks used on them too, with 0.6mm nozzles

I have no reference for the Y axis Linear rail differences in printing.

One of our Customers recently have the MGN9 X axis upgrade done. It uses x2 Blocks for more stable Extruder control

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Thanks Keith. That’s what I meant the X axis linear rail not the Y.
Does 3D Printing Canada have the Hemera E3D hot end or the linear rail available?

@rwojtow GREAT NEWS. Hemera’s Just hit the shelves again!!!

Good to know. Trying to make up my mind between Hemera and BMG. The BMG is lighter. Trying to figure out which will work better on Raptor2.

We just did another MGN9 Dual Block X axis yesterday, on a Raptor 2!

Our Customer bought the Kit and Brought it in for installation and Tuning.