Volcano NozzleX vs Tungsten vs ZodiacPro

Hi Everybody

I’m using a Fusion F410 3d printer and did lots of upgrades on it, currently using NozzleX nozzle and Tungsten from Spoold3d.ca

Looking at the new Zodiac volcano nozzle and wondering if anybody already tryied them all and settle on the best one

NozzleX vs ZodiacPro vs Tungsten



I use an x nozzle. As far as I understand the zodiac and X are similar materials and likely close in workmanship. I would be curious if you try both if you see a difference. Personally I suspect they are very close.

I would be curious as well, there is still a decent difference in the price

I feel one of my nozzle X is losing the outside coating a little bit as filement stick to it much easier

My x is as well. I have not noticed filament sticking to it however, The apeture seems perfect still, and no extra stringing! It has paid for itself in the speed I normally replace brass ones.

Just broke off today my 0.4tungsten as last night it came loose a little bit mid print after a swaped it (my bad for not tightening good), just tryied to tight it up a little more to keep printing and planning on taking apart today to inspect … Broke up when trying to take it off, I must of thightned it too good last night!

Still have my old nozzle X, might give a try to a Zodiac in few month