Voron 2.4 R2 Kit

Yup thats what it came with except a fuse instead of the switch. Switch is a separate module.

Ahhh finally. After a week of fighting Z-Offset issues and passed couple days kept getting large blobs on the print and layer shifts randomly I finally got 100% printed cube!! Turns out the blobs were my doing during the build I forgot that I only finger tightened the nozzle in. turns out it was loose and leaking. Tightened and first print is amazingly good for an uncalibrated printer.


amazing, Glad you are getting some success with it.

Hello - NormS here - recently purchased a Voron kit from 3DPrinting Canada (and picked it up today). Looking forward to the build and am impressed that the printed parts came with the inserts - nice! If anyone has any suggestions/recommendations please do not hesitate to reach out. Best regards, NS

Hi NormS

Welcome to the forum, Glad you found us, Quite a few here have built the voron and are happy with it. I belive there is one part not in the kit but you can pick it up at Neutech down on Parkdale. Think its the power input module or the switch, Cannot remember which one. Pretty easily acccessble part though.

Everything else is solid.

Thanks Jason - I did see that on one of the earlier posts. I’ll definitely pick one up as soon as I can.

Cheers, NS

Hi Jason - is there a product number at Neutech that I can reference? The build documents from Voron seem to point to a ‘combined’ unit as opposed to two units, one for power inlet and one for a switch? Let me know - many thanks, NormS

Did some digging - this is a rocker switch that was missed in the kit - correct? Many thanks, NormS

Ok good news - found the switch buried with the gear package. Cheers, NormS

Hi Norm

I do not have a number for you, Shelia has a bunch of different options down there. If you grab a pic of what you are looking for she will hook you up not an issue.


No worries found the switch in the ‘gear’ bag. All good. Cheers, NormS

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Update on my build - at 52% in terms of the page count - just starting the extruder/nozzle build.

Quick question to the community - which electrical wires did you use to connect the extruder. Manual states ‘green and black’ but I’m curious as to which ones people used from the 3dprinting kit?

Let me know - many thanks, NormS

generally speaking if its the Stepper motor I try to use the same colour as Duet Uses, Black, Green, Blue and Red.