Vyper petg troubles

I’m having trouble printing petg with my vyper it will pbe printing fine in some spots like so smooth like glass and than 2 inches away it will be a furry mess I’m still new we use a dehydrator as a drier and using overture petg pla plus prints good I upgraded the heatbreak changed nozzle and out of no where it starts stringing. I am printing boat accessories so need uv protection is there a uv pla plus or am I stuck trying to figure out petg?

There is PLA plus but UV resistance weather resistance ASA is best, PETg is ok in my experience anyway. My petg parts are not fairing well on my shed, three years now.

ASA has it’s own challenges.

This happens to me when I’m too close to the bed. Try raising your z by a tenth or two.

HI, @Rodbate Welcome to the forum, Glad you found us here.

Do you by any chance have a pic of your prints so we can have a look at the symptoms you are seeing?

What settings are you using on your PETG, Nozzle temp, Bed Temp, Fan settings, and print speed?

Just looking for a little more info on the issue you are seeing.

I had to leave town for work I will hopefully be back tomorrow evening and will take some pictures and Temps they are all saved think I was getting best prints at 225 bed temp is 80 tried hotter and it was alot stringier

You can see the brim so just beside that rough mess is smooth as smooth and than goes for crap I’m lost

looks like the nozzle is dragging. more on one part so check the tramming, the bed for flatness or the corners lifting. petg likes enclosures, no drafts. It could be a old worn nozzle but looks like a bed issue mostly.