Wall seperation

I’ve been noticing this problem in a bunch of prints that my layer adhesion is good but the adhesion between walls is nonexistent
ender 5 pro
using cura
temp bed 50 nozzle 210
layer height .2
have varied between 100-115% flow rate
fan speed 100%
if any more info is needed I can look

Check your e-steps, I had same problem when I went to a Micro Swiss hot end.
Sometimes they get changed, ghost in the machine.

its usually an overlap setting, Here is a video that goes into much better detail

think i have it figgured out the e step was at the factury 93/mm turned it up and i now have it turned to 243.3 and it actually is moving 100/mm

Hi @tundra-mountain

That’s awesome, thanks for letting us know, I will mark your fix as a solution.

How are you making out with your upgrades and repairs, It Looks like you are doing a few.

so far between my school and other things i consider higher importance than the printer i have not been doing much with it recently