Wall thickness help

Looking for some pro advice on how to make the walls thicker on vases. I’m using Cura and have Spiralize contour on. Not sure how to adjust the wall thickness, would like about 3-4 mill

all help is appreciated.

Not sure if its helpful, but what about a larger nozzle?

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Would it be based on the amount of times it filled to create the thickness. Have printed several things and can control the thickness just not when I print a vase. Is there other slicing software to help with this?

Wall thickness is a % usually of nozzle width. You can tweak it, but any more than 150% is pushing it, so yeah, larger nozzle is about it.

Instead of using spiralize to make it a vase you can do it by setting the infill to 0, set the top layers to 0, then specifying a wall thickness.

The other option if you’re using something like Fusion 360 is to use the shell command to turn your model into a hollowed out object.

Yes larger nozzles it makes a huge difference although it will open holes if everything is not quite right give me a moment and I’ll measure I have the same print in vase mode here with a 0.4 and a 0.6 I’ll just break them and measure.

A 0.4 vase mode (spiral mode) print I do not recall how much expansion I used now but the wall is 0.68. The 0.8 version same print measured in the same spot is 1.01. The strength is very different but details are 'blurred"

So short of redesigning the vase or making my own I will not be able to thicken the walls of an STL that I download.

Not at all. Nozzle size, extrusion width , both change wall thickness. The easies might be
You can often use a zero top layer and zero infil and control thickness with perimeters as well. it usually works.

Is it a solid body stl? If so you can bring it into design software like Fusion 365 and hollow it as well.

do you have a link to the original stl on line?

I use Prusa slicer but Cura has similar settings. try this.

This is what @Blair suggested.

Vasemania: Low poly vases by Ferjerez - Thingiverse I believe it is bowl#4 in the file.

I’m going to dL this slicer and try it

In Cura I just changed:
Wall thickness: 3.2
Top Layers: 0
Bottom Thickness: 3.2 (might cause warping with that many bottom layers though)
Infill: 0

Alternately in Fusion I just really quickly converted the mesh into a solid then did a revolve of a profile to cut out the inside.
Trying to offset faces in or shell wasn’t working because the geometry was intersecting or some such error which is why I did it with a revolve and a smooth inside


The slicer doesn’t matter much they all will do the same. I’d use the slicer you have profiles for.

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I’m going to try this, thank you.

Love to see the results. My experience is after one layer the material no longer looks clear.

Printer is down for a new direct drive install but will post the results.

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As far as I know, “Spiralize” is a single wall function. Go with a .8mm nozzle for the equivalent of 2 x .4mm walls.