Was given a printer in December, upgraded already


I had been considering getting a 3D printer for literally years. My problem was I didn’t want to get one if I couldn’t figure out how to use it and for some reason 3D CAD scared the hell out of me. I tried all sorts of tutorials and I could follow them but I couldn’t do anything beyond that.

In mid-December my buddy gave me his Creality CR6-SE. I screwed up the courage to make a simple adapter for a thermal camera I have. He recommended Fusion and, after a few hours I managed to make basically a rectangular cube with a notch. By the next day I had figured out how to max boxes and it kind of went up from there.

Within a few days I decided to upgrade to a Creality K1 Max (the printer he bought as an upgrade).

Frankly I can’t believe how easy it was to figure this out. I would have bought one years ago if I had known.

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It is all a matter of jumping in at the deep end, just don’t breath deep.

That’s fantastic to hear about your positive experience with 3D printing

Thanks! In a way it is kind of embarrassing but the good news is the wait means I have about a dozen designs in my head I can get out now.

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Hi Brian!

Glad to hear you were able to get your first design from in your head to the digital world!

The K1 Max has been a great machine! Any questions please dont hesitate to reach out on the forum!

Happy Printing!

The guys at the store have been very helpful.