Water Washable resin

What are your thoughts on Water Washable resin? I have used it before and find it tough to paint. No mater how I prim my piece before painting, the paint seems to almost flake off. I know there are a few misconceptions regarding Water Washable resin. For example, You CANT just take it over to the sink and wash it. Being a resin, it is still toxic and should NEVER be washed in a sink. When I did use it, it was always washed in a bucket of DISTILED water, and left in the sun to evaporate.

I have used it and really like it. Although I do not augment my prints with paint.
Tough to find now but well worth the trouble without IPA or other chemicals.

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I don’t use it. I have no experience using any SLA materials at this point. I have been working with chemicals for 30 years however.

Water resin makes me uneasy. Water soluble resins are just as toxic as non water soluble. It has the same or similar precautions. The common gloves, eye shields lab coat, according to the SDS. No big deal. The concerning item for me is the no environmental release, Even though it is water you cannot dump it down the drain. IPA is more expensive and harder to get, less chance for people who did not read the SDS (chemicals you do not understand WILL hurt you, read the SDS) to dump it. Water? it is far too likely users will just pour contaminated wash water down the drain. The volume of contaminated effluent is also likely larger than IPA.

Read the SDS. It generally looks like uncured resin is a irritant and skin sensitiser, protect your self. Wear your gloves, eye guards are also always easy you don’t want resins in your eyes. Lab coat? maybe spills on clothes need to be washed (alone likely) it is an easy garment to remove and wash. You pants? might cause issue. I can hear my step daughter, “yuck! put your pants back on”

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Haven’t tried it, don’t have any plan to.
As others mentioned it is still an irritating chemical so you still need to be gloved up and taking precautions handling it. With that in mind I see no issue continuing to use isopropyl in my cleaning station since I’m already gloved and cautious handling the resin anyway.

The only benefit I see is not having to buy isopropyl but at about 1/10th the price per litre that the resin is and that I get about 2 litres of resin washed before the 4l jug of iso went bad the cost doesn’t bother me considering how well it cleans.
Disposal is pretty easy since I just pour the wash tank back into the empty iso bottle and drop it off at the recycling depot that takes chemicals.

I’m curious where other people are getting their iso from. So far the best I have found is at the local farm supply store and is about $35 for 4l. It’s cheaper on Amazon but the shipping makes it more.

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