We are seeking participants for the new prototype system!

Hello everyone!


survey for feedback (or, feel free to just leave comments on this post directly instead!!)

We are seeking 3D printing users (regardless of expertise) to participate in our survey about our new prototype system for novices to address printing failures (since it’s a prototype, we are only handling limited failure types but will expand them!). It will take about 5-10 minutes to try our system and complete the survey. Your feedback and comments are invaluable to improving our system. Thank you so much! If you have any questions, please get in touch with us at nahyunkwon@tamu.edu.

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Interesting tool.

Not 100% bug free as it froze up the first time I used it and then it incorrectly identified the background as being an “underextrusion”. I should point out that I tried it again to confirm the identifications for the image below and it seems to have crashed (“Response too long”).

I redid the image:

And it correctly identified the blobs/zits but also says that “Layer Shift Highly Likely” which is not an issue with this print (I guess the way the image came out with me photographing straight down at the face of the print gave that impression).

Suggested corrective actions were good.

I’d definitely recommend the tool to new users as a fast way to diagnose print problems and get immediate feedback.

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HI @nkwon

Interesting Idea, I will jump on this afternoon and add my feedback to this as well

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Thank you so much for your participation mykepredko! Your feedback really helps us improve the system!

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Thank you so much Jason! Were you able to get a chance to try our tool out? If you’d like to, please let us know how you think. Just a reply to this post would be enough! :slight_smile: