Weak layers and Extruder skipping

I tried z offset I’m using petg. Any ideas?? Ps the breaks were when I lightly pressed on it after it was done to see if those spots were weak or not and they broke way to easily. I don’t know what to do. Okay so I was able to after doing what you all said and this is what I’ve been able to get.

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Have you run a temperature tower?

Have you check for clogs in the extruder?

Are you sure you are using settings for Petg?

Is the extruder gear slipping on the stepper?

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Exstruder is clear
Default emended 3 cura petg profile
Filiment feeder gear slips but not in a pattern so yeah.

That’s a layer shift.

You should be looking at your belts and how tight they are.

This is not extremely helpful, but should give you some ideas: