Wearable Device Design

3D scanners can be used in customized design, especially in some specialized equipment areas. For example, Fireman’s helmet and Hearing aid headphones. We can do 3D scanning for the ones who need customizing equipment. Then we import their 3D scanned body file to a computer and design highly compatible equipment. One of the Revopoint 3D scanner users said:

“Hoffnung, a rescue helmet for smart auxiliary measurement, can meet the rescuers’ needs for a timely, efficient rescue plan in the complex and changing environment of the disaster area. With the TOM depth measurement lenses on both sides of the helmet scanning the environment, it transmits the information of dimension, supporting point, and rescue channel to the users through the mixed reality lenses in the front of the helmet. In addition, under the premise of ensuring endurance and comfort, the weight of the internal support structure of the helmet is mostly reduced so as to relieve the physical burden on rescuers.”

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