Weekly challenge Feb 7th 2024

Hi everyone,

I help answer a lot of questions for customers through our storefront, ticket system, phones, and right here on the forum!

I thought it might be interesting to hand pick some questions that I have received in the past and share them with you all to see what your advice would be. All the questions that I will present have already been answered and solved but I am curious to see if anyone would have any ideas other than what I have already done.

Please keep in mind that these are real people’s questions, I would like everyone to stay respectful of this fact and keep in mind that everyone needs to learn at some point. Please keep these threads respectful and safe for everyone!

I am going to test run this idea this week and if it goes well I will be making this a weekly thing. The hope is that it can open the floor for you all to help educate each other, everyone has different knowledge sets and abilities and I believe this will help to share all of your knowledge!

Now for the questions:

  1. A customer has been having some issues with a scraping noise on the y-axis of their cr-10 v2. All the firmware is stock and the belts are tight, what could be causing this?

  2. A customer has been having issues with their cf Petg being brittle. After it was removed from the package it was placed in a sunlu dryer where it has remained since being opened. The dryer is set to the PETG preset. The filament printed great for the first couple of days but has since become brittle and is having poor layer adhesion. What could this be?

Looking forward to hearing everyone’s responses!

I like this idea!
I don’t have any insight to add to the first question, but in regards to the PETG I’m curious - are they printing the same files? Have they changed any of the print settings?

PETg there are more questions various additives make it brittle from the beginning. Carbon, some colours can be more prone than others silk type PLAs are odd I never tried silk type PETg but I would guess it too can be odd. I usually leave PETG in a dryer for long periods of time. My drier doesn’t power off so weeks by times unlike the SunLu which cannot be left on. I would not expect the dryer to have anything to do with it. IMO.

They have been printing different files. They are printing at 245 on the nozzle and they have printed files which previously printed properly with the same roll of material but no longer do.

They are using Carbon Fiber material, they are using a hardened steel nozzle as well.


Carbon makes PetG stiffer not so flexible. Did the nozzle get changed mid roll? Hardened steel can need a bit of “soak” time before printing. It doesn’t cool off
quickly but it takes longer to heat too. The heat cartridge and Thermistor are quite close . It can take a bit of extra time to throughly heat. It doesn’t explain the brittle but could the poor adhesion.

Is the bed clean? Detergent wash? Glue stick?

Oh geez brain not fully engaged. PETg is an amorphous polymer. I tend to run my dryer longer but not as high a temp. If the Petg was in for a long time and more than one cycle. The sunlu has an auto shut off it could crystallize especially if it was quite wet before drying. The Sunlu should prevent this but…

If PETg crystallizes it’s done, it will shatter when bent. I have never seen that, but my dryer is lower temp that most.

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