Weird Noise Coming from Ender 3 V2 Power Supply

Hello. There’s been an odd noise coming from my printer. I have videos of the noise, but unfortunately cannot post here. I think I have pinpointed the noise to the power supply. Could this be the fan? Any suggestions or recommendations on what I can do would be greatly appreciated.

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The stock Ender fans are not the best quality, the bearings can fail after a while but they are dirt cheap to replace in kind. The fan in the power supply might be there from the manufacturer “Meanwell”, I don’t know what the quality of them is like but Meanwell has a good reputation. Power supply’s can make non fan related noises if something is failing. If it was mine I would disconnect the fan and run the machine for a few seconds (and only a few seconds) to see if the noise goes away. If it doesn’t then it isn’t the fan. It is just a matter of pulling the fan power connector off of the main board, disconnect the printers power while doing this. If you are not comfortable with opening up a power supply then take it to someone that is better qualified to do it. On the plus side if the PW has gone bad they are reasonably cheap to replace.

One of the first mods I did was to replace the stock 40mm fans on the PW and the MB with 92 mm Noctua silent fans. I printed out new covers to mount them in and it made a big improvement in the noise level.

Posting a photo or vid should just be a matter of drag and drop it into the text window of a post. It would help if we could hear the noise.

It seems as though I can only post images, not videos. I really appreciate your advice, thank you.

Jason. if your listening is there a way to post video here!!!

You need to upload the video to a sharing service like youtube them post the ‘sharing’ link.

To be honest IMO just replace the supply. Electrical supplies are one of the spots that can cause fires. Most printers have really bad (or no) electrical certification. it is why the crealities are ‘kits’ they would not pass off the shelf assembled. Also why 3DPC pays CSA group to do inspections and re certification. I have no clue how they can sell them and make anything after that but it seems they do. If you got it from them there should be a orange CSAc sticker. CSA indicating the company the small c indicating Canadian Electrical code.

@Loosenut I am here (insert swishing sound of cape)

As Kite had said the easiest way is to post it to youtube or to your google drive and post a link to it here. It will open it up for anyone that wants to have a look

ya, it’s definitely in a fan, Usually, it’s a piece of filament or debris that gets caught. run through all the fans and see which one is changing speed, on that printer, there will be 4 fans, 1 on the motherboard, 1 in the power supply, 1 on the hot end and one on the part blower.

Check each one you will find it for sure. I would guess it’s the motherboard one, right on the bottom of the printer.

Hi Jason, you were spot on. It was the motherboard fan. There’s a video in the comments of the link below. I wanted to thank you so much for your help/advice!

NICE! Glad you got it, It’s a 4010 axial if you are looking for a replacement.