Western Canada Filament maker

Hey, I just wanted to give a shout out to the folks at Matter 3D in Victoria, BC. They are kicking it with their very own “Performance PLA”. I have used this product and achieved excellent results in a market as crowded as FDM filament manufacturing is, it’s awesome that we finally have one in Western Canada. No more paying in US $$ or excessive shipping fees.

Check them out @ https://www.matter3d.com/

Thanks for giving us a heads-up. I always prefer to support Canadian companies, even if it’s slightly more expensive that buying foreign.

Do you know if they actually make the filament, or if they just re-spool bulk filament purchased elsewhere?

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They do indeed formulate and injection extrude all their own product. A couple of nice added touches: they accept and recycle scrap PLA and they reuse empty spools (a $1 discount for each spool returned).

Although they’re a small operation, (the owners are the production staff), they are all very accomplished and seem to know their stuff.

I was told they are the only filament manufacturers in Western Canada. And I feel you definitely get what you pay for*.

I’ll conclude by saying I have no stake in the company. I’m just a customer who only got into 3D printing a month ago.

  • I have an MK3S and find the Matter 3D filament comparable to Prusament PLA.
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I started to compile a list of Canadian suppliers but got stopped by so few even 3dpc staff said most were just respelling. I think we concluded that there is one in NS and one in Not and now BC. I see the filaments brand is made in Canada and I don’t think they could get away with that if it is just repackaged but I don’t know for certain if it is or not.

There’s a new filament maker just starting up in Edmonton as well. I believe they are called “Canadian Filaments”. Don’t think they are fully open yet but they’ve shown pics of the production line and have been giving away a few rolls of test filament for feedback so I’d have to imagine they’ll be up and running soon.

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Hi Ozzy,

Thank you very much for the kind words. Yes we make our own filament from scratch. Looking forward to supplying local print farms.
If you have any questions feel free to reach out at abains@matter3d.com

Thank you!