What a Wonderful World!

I was just watching my printer laying down the first layer of Cubic infill inside a rather complicated shape, and I continue to be amazed at the accuracy and sophistication of the software, firmware and hardware we are so very privileged to have at our disposal!.. Watching how the slicer creates the path inside a complicated shape to lay down layer after layer of a skewed, 3-dimensional infill, while at the same time creating the outside, is just amazing to me…

We are fortunate indeed to live in a time like this, when things that were only dreamed of a decade ago are becoming affordable, and indeed commonplace…



I’m truly amazed at the software we have for slicing models. It is basically the same as cnc milling machine software that costs thousands of $$$ (sometimes tens of thou.) and we get it for free.

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agreed, I am still to this day amazed watching printers “do their thing”. been caught a few times just staring at it