What are your support settings and what slicer do you use?

I thought I would post this as kind of a think tank.

I have used supports and have had some good and some bad results. Mostly at work, I use Cura, at home I use PRUSA. I try to stay familiar with both of them more from a customer support perspective.

I would like to ask what slicers do you use and what are your support settings? How well do they work for you?

Cura, exclusively so far. Tree supports are awsome, although my most recent project had a problem with them. The tree supports would not print everywhere. For that project I had to use regular supports which doesn’t leave as nice a finish but then again, it’s the underside of a control panel so no one sees it anyway.
I use between 5 and 20% support and usually to the build plate unless the model doesn’t make that practical.

Just started using Prusa and mostly used cura. Trying to understand the differences right now actually.

Support settings you ask…

/me yells at the dog and walks away muttering

Lol i was going to make a post about how im finding prusa slicer supports arent as optimized as they are on cura.

This may be more of a user preferances sort of thing, but im finding prusaslicer likes to add a base to its support, even if the support needed dosent touch the buildplate.

that’s interesting @Dr.Marvin

If its adding a base and no support on it sounds like a bug of some sort.

I’m a petg guy so supports are out, as far as I’m concerned.
My focus is carpentry, so I’m making vacuum adapters, jigs, and parts for custom machines.
The name of the game is modeling the parts to eliminate the need for supports, either by changing the orientation, breaking up the model, or incorporating support into the design.
I realize this isn’t very helpful for printing figurines and dolls, but perhaps other materials would be a better choice for that application…